Fund-A-Need 2023

Goal: Raise $10,000 for upgrades to the KCCG Greenhouse

KCCG’s greenhouses are at the heart of our mission. Each year, our greenhouse team and volunteers start and nurture more than 160,000 vegetable transplants – transplants that go out the door and turn into hundreds of thousands of pounds of bountiful harvests.

Growing transplants on site plays a huge role in our ability to keep our costs low and make gardening an affordable choice. We’re able to offer our transplants to low-income gardeners at just 17 cents a plant. That’s far more affordable than any other garden center in town.

Our greenhouse is vitally important to us… and it’s also in need of a little TLC. KCCG’s original greenhouse structure is nearly 40 years old. At Gardens at Sunset, our goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase new heaters and upgrade an aging electrical system, so that this space can stay nice and cozy for our plants all winter long.

If you’re coming to the event, check your program for ways to give. And if you’re at home, you can help, too!

Click the link below to learn more and make a gift. Together, we can grow a healthier community.